Montgomery White Water Park Hydraulic Modelling

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2021/4 – 2021/12
S2o design and engineering
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Within this project we have been constructed three Froude scaled hydraulic models of the design proposed by S2O Design and Engineering (S2O) for the Montgomery Whitewater Park. The modelling study includes scaled models of the main competition channel (scale 1:15, MCh), of adventure channel (scale 1:18, AdCh), and of the standing wave spot (scale 1:12, WCh) in order to evaluate and optimize the flow characteristics of the proposed parks. All models accurately portray the proposed designs for all the channels at a scale that has been shown to provide accurate visual and measured hydraulic information such as flow velocities, depths, water surface profiles, and wave shapes, and sizes.

The study was used to optimize the channel geometries for the three models, and then to create obstacle layouts that were optimized for a) competition and b) recreational modes. The modeling resulted in slight changes to the obstacle configuration and to the geometry of the Competition Channel, Adventure Channel and Wave Spot.

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