Ing. Tomáš Picek, Ph.D.

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Main fields of interest: mathematical and physical modeling in the areas of river hydraulics, hydraulics of objects on waterways, pipeline hydraulics, physical modeling in the field of two-fase flow.


selected publications

Matoušek, V.; Krupička, J.; Picek, T.; Svoboda, L.; Zrostlík, Š., Modelling of Solids Distribution in Sediment Laden Open Channel Flow: Laboratory Validation, In: Proceedings of the 39th IAHR World Congress. Granada: Universidad de Granada, 2022. ISSN 2521-7119.

Krupička, J.; Picek, T.; Matoušek, V., Mobilní laboratorní in-line reometr, [Functional Sample] 2021.

Matoušek, V.; Krupička, J.; Picek, T.; Zrostlík, Š., Solids distribution in sediment-laden open-channel flow: Experiment and prediction, In: Proceedings of the ASME 2020 Fluids Engineering Division Summer Conference FEDSM2020. New York: American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME, 2020. ISBN 9780791883723.

Svoboda, L.; Picek, T.; Kesely, M.; Zrostlík, Š., FILTRATION VELOCITY OF WATER IN COARSE PLASTIC PARTICLES, The Civil Engineering Journal. 2020,(2020.02), 254-262. ISSN 1805-2576.

Milovanovič, I.; Bareš, V.; Hedstroem, A.; Hermann, I.; Picek, T.; Marsalek, J.; Viklander, M., Enhancing stormwater sediment settling at detention pond inlets by a bottom grid structure (BGS), Water Science & Technology. 2020, 81(2), 274-282. ISSN 0273-1223.