River engineering


River engineering deals with technical solutions in the design, optimization and operation of watercourses to ensure efficient management of flowing surface water, including protection against relevant associated risks (floods, droughts). It makes use of the theoretical knowledge of open channel hydraulics and river mechanics, which the students will acquire in the course and experience their practical application in solving technical problems related to watercourses, both with artificial channels in the context of civil engineering structures and with natural channels in river landscapes.

Our research activity is focused mainly on the morphology of natural channels, specifically on the problem of sediment transport in moving bed channels, studied experimentally under laboratory conditions and modelled by our own developed mathematical models. In the field of applied and contractual research, we deal with issues such as the assessment of channel stability, support for the creation and development of suitable habitat conditions in streams and channels. Next we focus on construction modifications of streams related to the implementation of flood protection measures or revitalization of watercourses in the urbanized areas and beyond.