We provide multigrade education in hydrology, which is followed by a number of water-related courses in the Civil Engineering programme. Teaching of foreign students in English is carried out within the Master's degree programme Water and Environmental Engineering and Erasmus. For the learning of practical hydrological skills, we offer field training. To deepen acquired hydrological knowledge and link it to a number of related disciplines such as climatology, meteorology or forestry, follow-up courses are offered.

Research focuses on hillslope and catchment hydrology, modelling rainfall-runoff relationships and hydrological processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system, and solute transport in natural porous formations. We also deal with the hydrology of forest catchments, their water balance and the impacts of industrial pollution and climate change on local ecosystems. In urban hydrology, we focus on rainfall measurements and the impact of green infrastructure on catchment runoff patterns. We are involved in basic and applied research projects.