Research & Development


The research of the department is focused on 

  • water flow in open channels 

  • fluid flow in pipes

  • hydraulic function of water structures

  • multiphase flow and intense sediment transport in open channels

  • flood protection and revitalisation of watercourses

  • hillslope and mountain catchment hydrology

  • urban hydrology

  • hydrological processes in the soil-plant-atmosphere system

  • solute transport in natural porous formations

  • interaction of electromagnetic waves with atmospheric precipitation.

In basic research, we have long been active in three areas: experiment - monitoring - modelling. We perform experiments in the laboratory and in the field. We monitor urban and natural catchments on a long-term basis. We develop modeling tools to describe hydraulic and hydrological processes at different spatial scales. 

We regularly publish our results in relevant international peer-reviewed journals. Publication results from the last 2 years can be found here

In applied research projects, we try to apply theoretical knowledge in the development of new solutions in cooperation with major industrial partners or governmental entities.

Contractual research is focused, for example, on hydraulic optimization of water structures and buildings using mathematical and physical hydraulic modeling methods during the design process.