We provide teaching of hydraulics, hydrology and courses focused on river engineering at all levels of education within the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Teaching of foreign students of the Erasmus programme and the Master's degree programme in Water and Environmental Engineering.

In addition to traditional forms of teaching (lectures and exercises), we also offer project-based learning and organize seminars or experimental courses in the VEC hydraulic laboratory or in the field.

Bachelor and diploma theses

We offer a range of attractive topics for bachelor and master theses, especially for students of Water Management and Water Structures and Environmental Engineering. The theses are often linked to ongoing research projects or contractual research and studies.

A selection of several diploma theses defended at the department in recent years:

Thesis title Year Student
Analysis of the inlet hydrodynamics to the culvert under pressurized flow conditions using the PIV method
Bc. David Kolář
Gamma spectroscopic soil moisture measurement
Bc. Abigail Klejchová
Analysis of flood wave propagation in the floodplain of Melounka and Malý labský náhon
Bc. Pavel Pelikán
Using of spatially distributed rainfall data in urban hydrological modelling
Bc. Markéta Blovská
Modeling of runoff from green roof test beds
Bc. Skala Vojtěch
Modelling of coarse slurry flow with non-Newtonian carrier in pipe using two-layer model
Bc. Svoboda Lukáš
Water balance of the subalpine watershed: Missiaga (Dolomites, Italy)
Bc. Pažourková Eva

Complete list of defended theses at the Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology since 2011 in the CVUT DSpace database