Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology
Hydraulics 141HYAE

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1. Introduction
Physical properties of water
Hydrostatics: Pressure in liquid; changes of pressure, surface area, overpressure, underpressure
2. Hydrostatics: Pressure diagrams, resolution of hydrostatic force in components, hydrostatic force upon plane and curved surfaces
3. Hydrostatics: Pascal‘s law and its applications, hydraulic press and hydraulic corverter, buyancy force, immersion of floating body, efficient distribution of horizontal beams along a vertical wall
4. Test 1 (topics 1 – 3)
Hydraulics of pipelines: Continuity equation, Bernoulli equation

5. Hydraulics of pipelines: Hydraulic computation of pipelines, friction losses and local losses, pipeline – pump system

6. Steady outflow from orifices; outflow jets
7. Open channel hydraulics: Uniform flow in open channels, partly filled closed profile, rating curve
8. Test 2 (topics 4 – 6)
Laboratory training 1
9. Laboratory training 2
10. Application of momentum equation

11. Test 3 (topics 7, 10)
Hydraulics of hydraulic structures on water courses
12. Ground water flow
Course-unit credit

Tables and Graphs

Laboratory training:
Tasks of laboratory training: - floating (Archimedes principle)
- U - tube
- laboratory flume
- pipelines
- outflow
Table of necessary physical quantities

Ing. Ivana Marešová CSc.