Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology
Hydraulics 141HYAE


Water as a natural resource; water in building practice; physical properties of fluids; continuum; pressure and velocity of water flow. Hydrostatics - pressure in a gravitational field, applications of the Pascal's law (hydraulic press), hydrostatic forces, buoyancy force. Basics of hydrodynamics - characteristics, regimes and types of water flow. Hydraulic resistance, application of basic equations. Pressure flow in pipes - head loss by friction, singularities, simple cases of pipe computations. Pipe systems with pump. Steady flow in open channels - uniform flow, hydraulic design of a channel, subcritical, critical and supercritical flow, longitudinal profiles of water level. Hydraulics of structures - outflow from orifice and from pipe system, overflow on weirs and spillways, hydraulic jump. Flow around obstacles, force exerted by a water flow and water jet, drag force. Measurement of discharge. Groundwater flow - types, effects, filtration law, solving of seepage.