Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology
Hydraulics - Advanced Course 141HYAC


1. Survey of Hydraulics Fundamentals. Types and regimes of flow. Fundamentals of hydrodynamics, pipe hydraulics, and open-channel hydraulics.

2. Principles of Mathematical Modelling and Navier-Stokes Equation. Integral and local characteristics of flow. Consertvation of mass, momentum and energy.
3. Turbulence. Description of turbulence. Quantification of turbulence - turbulence characteristics. Models of turbulence.
4. Principles of Physical Modelling. Laboratory experiment. Purposes and objectives of physical modelling. Types of physical models. 
5. Model Similitude. Similarity theory and similitude analysis. Dimensionless numbers.
6. Unsteady Flow in Open Channels. Types of unsteady flow in open channels. Gradually varied flow and de Saint Venant equations. Rapidly varied flow and flow surges.
7. Unsteady Flow in Pressurized Pipes. Water hammer.
8. Boundary Layer Theory - Velocity Distribution.  Laminar and turbulent boundary layer. Mixing length concept. Hydraulically smooth boundary and hydraulically rough boundary. Velocity profiles across flow depth.
9. Drag, Lift and Settling. Two-Phase Flow. Drag force and lift force on solid bodies. Settling velocity of solid particle. Hindered settling.  
10. Non-Newtonian Flow. Rheology and rheological models. Viscometry. Rheograms and pseudo-rheograms. Pipe flow of non-Newtonian fluids.
11. Pump-Pipeline Systems. Characteristics of pumps and pipes. Principles of centrifugal pump. Series pumps and parallel pumps. Pumping of liquids and solid-liquid mixtures.
12. Wastewater Hydraulics. Principles and practical applications.
13. Course Wrap Up.

prof. Dr. Ing. Václav Matou¹ek (B818)