Czech Technical University in Prague
Faculty of Civil Engineering

Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology
Hydraulics 141HYAC - Advanced Course


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1. Rehearsal of Hydraulics Fundamentals. Steady flow in pipes
2. Rehearsal of Hydraulics Fundamentals. Steady uniform flow in open channels
3. Turbulence. Turbulent characteristics from ADV measurements
4. Physical Modelling. Derivation of dimensionless numbers
5. Model Similitude. Case studies

6. Unsteady Flow in Open Channels. Calculation of surges

7. Unsteady Flow in Pressurized Pipes. Calculation of water hammer
8. Velocity Distribution. Velocity profile in pipe with smooth wall and velocity profile in pipe with rough wall

9. Settling. Terminal settling velocity of various solid particles
10. Non-Newtonian Flow. Laminar flow of kaolin slurry in pipe
11. Pump-Pipeline Systems. Interaction of pump- and pipe characteristics
12. Wastewater Hydraulics. Pipe transport of wastewater sludge using centrifugal pump

prof. Dr. Ing. Václav Matou¹ek (B818)